Raw Vegan Club (RVC)

RVC is an international nonprofit organisation. It is coordinated by scientists and volunteers. We have been conducting research and education about plant-based diet (raw vegan, gluten-free etc.) since 2002. Our members produced many popular educational materials, such as English documentary 'Myths and Truths about Vegetarianism - For Earth, for Animals, for Yourself'. Our head office of is located in tropical Australia.

Donation and Volunteers

Donation and voluteers are welcome. Please contact us for more information. You can also support us by purchasing world class educational materials from our shop.


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Web: RVC.world-institute.info

Email: info@RVC.world-institute.info

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Address: NG Centre, Woree, QLD 4868, Australia

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Appointment Necessary

Phone: +61401980069


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DVD: Myths and Truths about Vegetarianism
- For Earth, for Animals, for Yourself (2011)

60 AUD per DVD

A must-see documentary of vegetarianism.

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DVD: The Superior Human? (2012)

60 AUD per DVD

A must-see documentary of animal rights.

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Book on DVD: Taoism and Science: Cosmology, Evolution, Morality, Health and more (2015)

60 AUD per DVD

Raw vegan is a lifestyle. 'Taoism and Science'(2015) explains the science and philosophy behind raw vegan holistically. The book also contains information of ancient wisdom, peace, environmentalism, natural living, unity of science and spirituality. Click here for more information.

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